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Hi, I am Doug!

Doug Heaton grew up on the Heaton Family Ranch in Alton Utah where he learned the blessings of hard work and the rural lifestyle.  He remembers the provident lifestyle of producing almost everything that was consumed.  

He graduated from Valley High School in Orderville, Kane County, UT.  and from Brigham Young University.  Shortly after graduation, he married Coleen Christensen and they have “lived happily ever after” along with their thirteen children.  At a time when there is sudden concern over the imminent US and global population collapse, he says, “Don’t blame me”.  His family now includes seventy-three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.  

Doug worked mostly in the timber industry until 1993 when environmental pressures forced the closure of most of the sawmill industry, then became a successful contractor with General Building and General Engineering licenses. 

He served as mayor of Alton, and In 2008, Doug successfully ran for the Kane County Commission where he helped initiate litigation to secure RS2477 road rights, and worked to restore property rights.  He currently serves on the Kane County Planning and Zoning Commission. While a commissioner he co-founded the American Lands Council.

Doug has always been fascinated by founding principles.  If elected he will bring a liberty conversation to Utah’s Capitol. 

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As we all know....really great candidates are hard to find. Finding someone that understands the role of government, is committed to govern by principle, that understands the Constitution and is willing to protect it, that knows how to work with others and is that is also WILLING  to run for public a very difficult thing. Doug Heaton is one of these candidates. Southern Utah needs a principled representative that is committed to keeping government in its lane and that is willing to push back against expanding government.

I wholeheartedly endorse Doug Heaton in the Utah House District 69 race."


Wade Heaton

Kane County Commissioner

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Coleen and I have a large posterity already with many more to come.  Our posterity includes Ranchers, Four Nurses, Entrepreneurs, an Engineer, Tradesmen, a Doctor of Dentistry, a Contractor, and a Retail Businessman.  With you, we share a concern for the future of those we love.   It is important to us that the principles of Liberty and Prosperity be preserved for these future generations.

Building A Sustainable Future

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