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Returning to Fundamental Principles

Doug Heaton for

House District 69

Why I Am Running For Office


Utah is a remarkable State because, not just because of its incredibly diverse landscapes and natural resources, but more especially because it has wonderful people.  I love the goodness and abilities of our citizens, and while law and government are necessary for orderly society, I believe that our citizens are sometimes hampered by unnecessary regulation.


Benjamin Franklin said, “Frequent Recurrence to fundamental principles is absolutely necessary to preserve the blessings of liberty and to keep a government free”.  I have made a longtime hobby of discovering those principles and while a majority of our laws are necessary for order, there is enough overreach that it would appear that it is time to recur to fundamental principles again.  I believe that the dialog I will bring to the Capitol needs to be reintroduced at the Capitol.   

Paving the Way to a Better Utah

Building Utah 

American Flags

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